“Sources of clean water

and a good education...”

Water is the source of life. For the people living in the Kakyelo mission district, which covers an area of around 17,000 square kilometres, access to clean drinking water and a good education are by no means givens to be taken for granted.

The area in which the Order of the Salesians help the people living there with two of life’s necessities covers more than 17,000 square kilometres. Even today, the population can by no means count on having access to fresh, clean water and children in remote areas attending school. The Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation has been supporting the setting up and development of such structures for this district for a good decade. Thanks to constructive, good cooperation with the Salesians, more than 40 widely scattered villages are supported and provided with aid. Activities include drilling wells and setting up schools. Nine wells now already supply fresh, urgently needed water to the villagers, and thanks to financial support, deep drilling projects to reach these sources of fresh water could also be initiated. 

Other funding was earmarked for the schooling of more than 700 orphans. 
These youngsters, stricken by the loss of their parents and thus deprived of a family, will thus enjoy a better start in life. The people at the most southerly tip of the country have expressed their gratitude in so many letters to the mission that we want to continue our efforts on their behalf – to provide a sound basis for existence today and an even more promising future tomorrow.