The “Wild Bee Wall” –

An investment with an all-round buzz of success

The busy bee uses a form of non-verbal communication, a so-called ‘waggle dance’ to draw her colony’s attention to worthwhile targets for collecting nectar to make honey. In doing so, she points out the correct flight path to copious pollen reserves in a flowery dance show. 

Flowery speech aside, it must be said that without these busy bee colonies, the source of sustenance for the entire world population would be at risk. 
Given this fact, and in particular on account of the dramatic increase in bee mortality around the globe, we have jointly funded the installation of a “Wild Bee Wall” for the Ittlingen Family Centre with ‘Artenschutz in Franken®’. Our joint investment is also a special kind of non-verbal communication – demonstrating the natural habitat and working environment of this most useful of all insects: it is a silent, yet visible appeal for recognition of its services in a true symbiosis of the animal and human species.


However, at the first Environmental Day held there,“Artenschutz in Franken®“ submitted this project under the title ‘Germany’s Wild Bees’ to the head office of the UN ‘Biological Diversity’ division for the federal award … and lo and behold, did so with resounding success. The Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation is suitably proud and also highly committed to the project. We are not yet allowed to communicate any details of the upcoming award by the UN and candidacy for a trophy, but one thing is sure: once we are, we will use an equally successful means of verbal communication to announce this soon-to-be award-winning form of non-verbal hive communication. So watch this space for more news – and let’s ensure that not only little Wei-Wen, but all the children of this Earth can look forward to a prosperous future worth living in 2098…* 
*freely quoted from Die Geschichte der Bienen“ by Maja Lunde