Continuity, independence and sustainable planning.

The bodies of the foundation include an executive board and foundation board. The executive board is elected by the foundation board. It manages the foundation and represents it to the outside world.

The foundation board comprises 3 people. As an independent controlling body, they ensure that the purpose of the foundation is observed and advise the executive board. Members of the foundation board may not also be on the executive board. They undertake their activities on a voluntary basis.

The management of the Elektror company have no influence on the decisions of the executive board or foundation board and are legally accountable to them. Vice versa, the management are independent of the executive board and foundation board in their day-to-day work but, as in any other company, are required to observe the decisions made by shareholders or, in this case, the foundation.


”We get our power at the flick of a switch...” What is matter of fact for us, is by no means the case in the remote mountain regions of Vietnam 
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In Lima “La Hada Dentista” (the tooth fairy) now ensures that children and young people have healthy teeth in their harsh living circumstances
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Recurrent droughts in Ethiopia call for our help to provide water for the inhabitants – like in Mulale, for instance
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