Enabling disabled riders to take part in horse-riding tournaments through donations.

The Diakonie Stetten e.V. association has been supporting and helping people with a disability for over 160 years at various locations in Baden-Württemberg. Diakonie has a great deal of experience in horse-riding as a form of therapy. A special form of riding has also been established in addition to riding therapy – western riding.
Riding is a great way of enabling disabled people to share in social activities. It boosts health, personality development and social integration. Many of the disabled riders want to put what they have learnt into practice and take part in tournaments – ideally as a separate discipline in normal events and not at special disabled events.

In order to transport the specially trained horses and equipment to the tournaments in the future, the Margarete Müller-Bull foundation has contributed 10,000 euros towards the cost of a double horse transporter.