English from an early age – for the future of children in Nepal

For many years, the MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION has been supporting the German-Nepalese aid community in its efforts to help the population of this Himalayan state in a difficult situation. Most recently during the Covid pandemic, which seriously affected Nepal. Relief in emergencies is one side of the coin, financial support for primary education onwards the other. After all, the adage holds true: children are the future. To give Nepal’s children the means to inform themselves of world events and when they are older, also engage actively, we have invested in two sets of Grade 5 learning material in Nepali and English. English is the first foreign language taught in schools in many states and is the official language of most international organisations. The German-Nepalese Help Association project therefore focuses on teaching material for children that is bilingual. The first-stage teaching material is in Nepali, which is spoken alongside many other local languages and dialects, the second-stage teaching material is in English. In addition to school building projects and teacher training, which we funded in previous years, this time round, the MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION project is directly committed to the education of children. The project funded by us is beginning to take shape. The Nepali version of the learning material is complete and will be printed soon. The English version is nearing completion and will be printed immediately after that. This investment in early children’s education in English is completely in tune with one of the foundation’s main remits: to empower young people to develop successfully and if they so wish, to engage in and successfully take part in the global working world.