Funded by Marga Müller-Bull

Since 1970 a sign with this inscription draws attention to our founder’s then initiative at the children’s playground of the SV 1845 e.V. sport club in Esslingen.
Two, three and maybe even four generations enjoyed the fun of the playground during their childhood and the chance to play with other children at the Eberhard Bauer Stadium. Something we thought well worth preserving for future generations. So, in the spirit of our founder Margarete Müller-Bull, we modernised the playground in 2016.
New additions include a stainless steel “sit-down merry-go-round”, a modern play combination, a double high bar, see-saw, trampoline and bird’s nest swing. And to round off, of course, how could we forget, a “cloverleaf see-saw”.
This playground is the first block in an emergent sport park that also addresses the social and intercultural needs of an increasingly heterogeneous residential mix.