Hospital in Lemberg (Lvov), An operating microscope for Ukraine

Lemberg, present-day Lvov, is a town in West Ukraine, some 70 km from the Polish border. A town with an eventful past, because traces of its Austro-Hungarian and Polish history can be recognised in its architecture, which combines Central and East European, as well as Italian and German influences. Today, the town is affected by the impact of the Russian invasion of the country, because it is to here – in the relatively safe part of the country – that many of the most heavily wounded victims of these merciless acts of war are brought. Since it began on 24 February 2022, the war has claimed the lives of thousands upon thousands, and has caused even more physical and mental injuries among the population. The suffering of these people continues unabated, there is no end in sight. MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION decided to generously support a hospital in Lvov in which the most complex of operations are carried out. To ensure that such operations are safe and can also be conducted successfully, an operating microscope was procured and donated to the hospital to help the surgeons working there. It provides better illumination of the operating area, eases working conditions, and improves the training situation for junior medical staff. Under the operating microscope, which enables up to 17-fold magnification, surgery can be carried out with far greater precision and care than with the naked eye. The risk of damaging healthy tissue is therefore significantly reduced through microsurgery. Through its donation, MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION was able to make a valuable and effective contribution in the medical area. As far as the continued terrible war in Ukraine is concerned, we and everyone else  can only hope for a swift conclusion to the hostilities, and an end to the suffering and violence.