Immediate help for earthquake victims in Nepal

With immediate support for the charity pharmacy at Nepal’s largest hospital, the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation supports the dreadful situation of the people in the region affected by the earthquake. We lend financial support to enable the supply of medicines for emergency care for earthquake victims in remote areas. The medical supply is brought to these rural regions by experienced teams, who often have to walk for several days to get through to the injured and ill.
As the houses of most people have been destroyed in these areas, our help granted in the past has proven sustainable and sensible: the Margarete Müller-Bull training center in Badalgaon, whose construction is almost complete, has survived the earthquake without major damage and is currently serving as an important and safe emergency dwelling for villagers. We will continue our support for the three schools in Nepal that we have been helping, and help them repair any damage that was done. It is currently difficult to estimate when work will start.
We will also help in the reconstruction of infrastructure and housing when the situation is clearer and we learn exactly what is required.