New ‘home’ comforts for the bird world

Since July 2014 volunteers of the Nymphaea animal park have been busy modernising the old ‘East aviaries’ at the far end of the park, made possible by the support of the Margarete-Müller-Bull Foundation. The antiquated aviaries, whose iron and wood construction was built back in 1962, were in urgent need of repair to provide our feathered friends with suitable accommodation. The adjacent bird house was already modernised in 1994/95 – the first big step.
The birds are soon to be accommodated in much larger aviaries, giving them far more room to enjoy their natural element – air and flying. However, the Nymphaea volunteers were equally concerned about giving the aviaries a friendlier, more open look. This has now been achieved, among other by a pale natural stone wall, which has already been completed. Extensive interior work is also underway to help improve the hygiene and care of the birds. A nice and indeed intentional side-effect: it also makes the work of the bird care attendants easier.
Virtually all the work is performed by Nymphaea on a voluntary basis, but of course this voluntary effort does not cover the costs of the individual projects or the necessary materials. This is where the financial support of the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation comes in. We have donated 45,000 euros to cover these items for the bird house, which will then deserve its name in the truest sense of the word.