Providing medicine in Uganda and Nepal

Medical care in hospitals is of little use without sufficient supplies of medicines and bandages. That’s why the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation is sponsoring pharmacies associated with two hospitals in Africa and Asia. Two continents – one approach: effective aid!
Renovation of the central pharmacy at Lubaga Hospital in Uganda
Every year the Lubaga Hospital in Kampala provides medical care to around 15,000 in-patients and 165,000 out-patients. The pharmacy was spread between 11 rooms, storerooms and containers on the site. In 2012 an empty building – one of the oldest on the complex – was renovated and converted thanks to generous assistance from the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation. The Archbishop of Kampala blessed the hospital and its sponsors at the inauguration ceremony on 12 February 2013.
Medicines free of charge for the poorest in Nepal
There is no health insurance in Nepal. Medical care is free, but patients have to provide all the medicines required for the treatment and the bandages themselves. This makes medical treatment for the very poorest almost impossible. Since 1993 the charity Deutsch-Nepalesische Hilfsgemeinschaft e.V. (DNH) has therefore been running a pharmacy at Bir Hospital, the biggest public hospital in Kathmandu, where destitute patients can obtain medicines and medical supplies free of charge. The necessary medicines are purchased at cheap rates on the Nepalese and Indian markets. The need is enormous and ever-growing: around 100 patients are being treated every day at the moment. The Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation supports the pharmacy with a donation of €10,000 a year.