Social-medical service reaches families safely

“We are delighted that the foundation appreciates our work – this donation will make it easier for us to carry out important projects”, emphasised Bernd Sieber, managing director of Esslingen Clinic, referring to the vehicle that the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation recently donated for social-medical neonatal care.

The social-medical neonatal care service for preterm infants at Esslingen Clinic was set up by Anja Molfenter. In the course of her work she visits around 30 premature babies and their families every year. She is mainly involved in networking and coordinating treatment in cooperation with local paediatricians, hospitals, social services and care providers. However, her work was always hampered by her lack of mobility. That’s all over now. One of the main aims of the donation was help the service to reach the families safely and easily.