Summer holidays against earthquake trauma

In May 2012 Mirandola, Ostfildern’s twin town in Italy, was hit by severe earthquakes. Ostfildern is the home town of Elektor Airsystems GmbH, whose shares are held by the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation. This close connection prompted the Foundation to make a generous donation at the time of the quake. One of the buildings destroyed was a primary school. In addition to the financial support with rebuilding the school, the idea was born of inviting children from Mirandola to spend some of their holidays with school children from Ostfildern. Funding from the Margarete Müller Bull Foundation enabled the children, who were still traumatised by the events, to stay at an idyllic holiday camp in Obersteinbach (Hohenlohe). The children aged seven to twelve enjoyed playing and singing together so much during their stay at the summer camp that the idea of repeating the exchange is already circulating.