The Foundation

We cannot predict the future. But we can plan for it.

With the future continuity of the Elektror company in mind, Margarete Müller-Bull sought an optimal solution at an early stage. She found this by setting up a charitable foundation. The goal was not just to preserve the company but also to ensure its beneficial and future-oriented development, to protect existing jobs and to create new ones. Her desire was for the foundation to support humanitarian causes, campaign for animal welfare and promote science and technology. These were all issues close to her heart and are reflected in the statutes of the foundation today.

The Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation has been operating and externally presented in the form established by its founder since 2002. When it comes to the internal organisation, the Elektror company was handed over to the foundation following the death of Margarete Müller-Bull. This foundation secures the long-term existence of the company, acting in particular for the benefit of its employees as well as fulfilling the tasks established in its statutes by the founder.

When asked on her 90th birthday what her hopes for the future were, the founder of the Margarete Müller-Bull foundation summarised her thoughts in one wish, which can be seen as a general motto for life and which, at this time, applied first and foremost to herself and her employees as well as the company as a whole: “We all just want to stay healthy”. There was no more effective way for Margarete Müller-Bull to pursue this state of well-being than through her foundation.