Success is continuity during change.

In 1923, Karl W. Müller founded Elektror airsystems GmbH as an engine trading company with its headquarters in Esslingen/Neckar. During the course of its existence, the object of the company has changed on several occasions – from a pure engine trading firm at the outset to an engine production company and finally a highly specialised supplier of industrial fans in the present day.

There were also various intermediary stages along the way, defined by the production of jogging motors, bunker ventilation, sewing machine motors and in particular sirens, which were produced until 1971. The latter field brought Elektror success as a global market leader (‘Müller sirens’ is still a term among industry experts). During the Second World War, some of the production was shifted from the industrial centre of Stuttgart to Waghäusl due to the high risk of attack. The company continued to develop well at its new site, close to the motorway.

In 1959, following the sudden death of Karl W. Müller, his wife Margarete Müller-Bull took over the management of the company as a sole managing partner. She retained this role until her death in 2002. Under her management, Elektror developed to become an internationally active company in ventilation technology.

The company has been part of the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation since 2002. This foundation maintains Elektror’s corporate culture according to the wishes of its founder. Harmonious interaction between the company management on the one hand and the executive board and foundation board on the other is crucial. Everyone involved knows and respects the skills and competences of one another. The collaboration is constructive and characterised by a mutual trust.

Thanks to the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation Elektror promises a secure future accompanied by sound business policies. For customers, suppliers and employees alike, reliability counts most. Ultimately, however, success is reflected in figures. In recent years, Elektror has grown annually by an average of around 10%.

The challenges brought by 2020 for the world and Elektror Group are set to remain with us in the upcoming years. By focusing on its core competencies and exceptional closeness to the market, Elektror will successfully shape its necessary, future-oriented transformation.

Homepage of the elektror company: www.elektror.com