Independent retention of assets.

Many foundations have made big names for themselves and are now a key part of our country’s social fabric. Foundations enable a more future-proof, independent and long-term use of assets. These assets are managed by the bodies of the foundation in a long-term and careful manner, with full awareness of their responsibility to the benefactor or benefactors. The revenue from the foundation’s assets is allocated to the purposes as intended by the benefactor or benefactors. This benefits the common good in many ways.

Foundations are not companies which participate in economic life and do not generate a profit. For this reason, they do not seek to achieve short-term success and instead focus on the long-term, sustainable and secure retention of the foundation’s assets. The revenue from these assets is used solely to fulfil the tasks specified in the statutes of the foundation with only the foundation’s independent bodies making decisions on this (e.g. board of trustees, foundation board and executive board). Supporting projects which reflect the purpose of the foundation’s statutes (and thereby serve the common good) has a positive impact on the public perception of a company which belongs to a foundation as well as imparting some important impetus and values internally.