“The new residents come on all fours”

Esslingen’s love of animals has warmed noticeably since January 2019 with the opening of the new home for animals, which offers more than 1,000 square metres of living space for its “residents”.

And you can take that quite literally, because these residents are all cats and dogs. The new building project of Esslingen’s protection of animals association is indeed justified in maintaining that our four-legged friends are proper “tenants” because the new “Margarete Müller-Bull Home for Animals” certainly does offer all of them a homely ambience. Our substantial commitment accords with the express wish of our benefactress, who attached particular importance to the Esslingen home for animal being established to improve conditions for the shelter and care of these loyal companions to humans.

As the town and state, not to mention many private donors, contributed to the funding, a comfortable and spacious home of around 1,000 square metres could be built. It offers 21 rooms for dogs with a large shower area for dog walkers on the lower floor. The entire top floor is reserved for cats. Around 30 of them, from alley cats to pets, purr away for all they are worth. There are even four “mother-and-child rooms”, not to mention a quarantine area, which has also been designated since “tenants” occasionally bring unwanted “subtenants” home with them. So, everything possible has been thought of and designed to meet the special needs of the residents and their carers. Once the landscaping of the outdoor area begins to take shape and colour in the spring, the new “Margarete Müller-Bull Home for Animals” on the Neckar Island will be a pleasant stopover for Esslingen’s dogs and cats until new families are found for them.