Ukraine Relief 2022 “Sometime … they’ll give a war and nobody will come”

Who is not familiar with this epic pacifist verse. But what do you do when your country is subjected to a war of aggression breaching international law and “not coming” is not an option?
Who will help you then? The MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION did not hesitate when it came to answering this question. We provide huge support to the people who go there to help – through many channels. We have done this frequently and swiftly for multiple projects and campaigns in cooperation with organisations large and small. Our commitment is multi-facetted. Take, for instance, our close cooperation with WINGS OF HELP. In the Maramures region where Romania borders Ukraine trucks delivered urgently needed and requested supplies, for children in particular. The first delivery of nappies, rusks, water and hygiene articles reached its destination coordinated along with the local authority and the German Democratic Forum, and was followed by a further six truck loads. We also ensured – to the joy of young and old alike – that Easter could be fittingly celebrated.
For Orthodox Christians, it is the main festival in the church calendar and takes place 13 days after ours on account of the Julian calendar. Our cooperation with Elektror in Poland which organised direct multi-layered relief to refugees in their country is another example. Additional financial aid is provided by the foundation to the many internally displaced persons in Ukraine. We thus support various relief organisations in helping men, women and children who fled to safer areas of the country before the military operations and attacks on the civilian population commenced or have since returned to areas that have been recaptured. Although onlookers may find this perplexing, we are talking about the homeland of these people and their return, albeit to a scene of destruction, is a return home to familiar surroundings. We also provide support to Ukrainians who have fled to a “safe haven”, giving them a feeling of having a home and promoting solidarity here in Germany. This help from by the MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION encourages cooperative activities and good relations within our society.