VILLA WOLLE, or how to do bioeconomy

As a buzzword, bioeconomy is on everyone’s lips, but at VILLA WOLLE, it is put into practice by busy workers without any R&D support at all. Sometimes, all you need is to take a journey back in time and look at proven traditional methods in order to discover a win-win situation for both the bioeconomy and animal welfare.
In this particular case, the tribute goes to a group of busy workers, or to be more precise, a flock of moorland sheep, which lovingly tend the green spaces of the Albert Magnus High School. Inspired by ethical reasons, the board of this Catholic Independent School was keen to seek such a solution that benefits both humans AND animals while reversing the trend towards profit maximisation and the tech craze with robotic lawn mowers. The moorland sheep conquered the hearts of the children at first bleat. Many pupils look after the animals and coordinate feeding, grooming and supervisory tasks via a messenger service and a duty roster. Besides hay and fresh water, the flock also enjoys the occasional treat as some of the pupils form a close attachment to the sheep. A shepherd helps the pupils when it comes to paring hooves and shearing. An old, ramshackle garden shed was removed to make way for the VILLA WOLLE of the title to provide the flock with a suitable shelter. That this project was sponsored by the MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATIONA was, quite literally, a natural conclusion. The same goes for the willingness and enthusiasm with which the pupils volunteered to look after the welfare of their sheep in their free time. In addition to the bee colonies and chickens, the flock has now become an established part of the school community. As the school is conveniently located close to the Sommerrain suburban train stop and the footpaths leading to it run past the flock, the sheep also fulfil an important socio-spatial role in the passing. The animals have long since become a meeting place for young and old alike as they bleatingly advertise their mowing service to a rapt audience.