Desperate straits – the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal

Nepal, fringing the Himalayan mountain range like a buffer state between India in the south and Tibet (China) in the north, has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

Fears crystallised into reality as many dangerous variants of COVID 19 were carried into Nepal from India. Currently, thousands of new infections and many deaths related to the disease are being recorded there daily. Hospitals are overwhelmed, there is a shortage of basic medical equipment, oxygen and ventilators. The Deutsch-Nepalische Hilfsgemeinschaft e.V. (DNH), with whom the MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION has long cooperated, provides those in need with essential medicine, distributed by their charity pharmacy in the Bir hospital (Kathmandu) and looks after girls from the lowest caste, the Dhalit, in its “Children Nepal” social project in Pokhara. Many teachers at some hundred schools funded by the DNH remain in telephone contact with their students despite recent school closures during the lockdown and distribute learning material for home schooling.

The DNH also provides the population with food and hygiene products in its project areas. In close cooperation with international aid associations, oxygen concentrators are also financed and procured in order to provide the seriously ill with urgently need oxygen. The MARGARETE MÜLLER-BULL FOUNDATION supports all these vital, life-saving and social measures with generous donations – following its engagement in India and permanent support based here in Germany, now also in Nepal, backdropped by the soaring Himalayan mountain range.